Zoning of Keystone Park

Keystone Park is zoned Logistics Zone 2. The purpose of this new zoning is to promote the use of land and or buildings for all activities related to a low-impact, non-polluting mix of logistics and warehousing, as well as light and service industrial activities primarily associated with the efficient movement of goods. The benefit of this zoning to the investor is that Keystone Park will remain a clean, organised, secure zone with only logistics companies or related light industry, thus boosting future investment value.


Road Infrastructure in and around Keystone Park

  • SANRAL has entered into a co-funding agreement with Ethekwini Municipality for the construction of the new N3 Hammarsdale interchange. The new R270m interchange will allow for free-flowing access to and from Keystone Park and Hammarsdale from the N3.
  • The above forms part of a greater project to straighten and widen -to five lanes in both directions- the N3 from Key Ridge past the Hammarsdale interchange and onwards towards Cato Ridge.
  • As part of the Keystone Park Development, the MR385 will be upgraded, by widening and resurfacing, to a five-lane road – three lanes up and two down separated by a centre-median -and accommodate two new signalised entrances to the new light industrial precinct.
  • Each platformed site within Keystone Park will have access to the new 32m wide, well-designed internal access road network. Road gradients have been minimised in order to ensure optimum movement of heavy vehicle traffic.
  • The roads within the park will benefit from appropriate street lighting and 2m wide pedestrian sidewalks with adequate taxi stops and collection points.

Fully-serviced platform sites in Keystone Park

  • Electricity: All sites will be served by a new Eskom 11kV medium voltage reticulation supply network. Eskom has recently completed the new 40Mva Royal sub-station immediately adjacent to the MR385 (main Hammarsdale road), to supply electricity including to Keystone Park.
  • Water: All sites will be serviced by standard Municipal water supply (3 bar). The regional 9Ml water reservoir being located immediately adjacent to the new precinct.
  • Sewer: All sites will be connected into the local Municipal waterborne sewer system.
  • Storm Water System: All sites are required to attenuate storm water on site before being released into the Keystone Park storm water reticulation network.
  • Telecommunications: Lines and connections have been catered for to the boundary of each platform. It is anticipated that Telkom will provide fibre cables with a capacity of 1Gig from their Hammarsdale exchange into Keystone Park.

Earthworks included in the cost of the land in Keystone Park

  • Geotechnical Surveys to confirm soil stability and the underlying surface conditions, thus ensuring secure top structures.
  • Civil Engineering Planning and Development of the park and each platformed site.
  • Bulk Earthworks including cutting, filling and retaining.
  • Any required blasting of rock.
  • Compaction process testing.
  • EIA-compliant, and
  • Excavations

Security in Keystone Park

Keystone Park has been designed with three layers of security in mind:

  • The entire perimeter of the Park will be fenced with normal clear vu, palisade fencing or similar.
  • Surveillance cameras will be fitted in strategic areas throughout the new precinct road network and will be monitored by security guards.
  • At the end owner/users’ cost, each site will have its own guard hut, boom and access control.

Efficient logistics park lay-out, design and functionality of Keystone Park according to international standards.

Labour supply around Keystone Park

Keystone Park is located adjacent to Hammarsdale and the township of Mpumalanga, home to a large labour pool including skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. Hammarsdale was previously home to many textile industries so an efficient labour transport system is already in place for residents of the area.

Locality of Keystone Park

  • 20km from Marianhill Toll Plaza (via good quality road network)
  • 45km from Durban Port (via good quality road network)
  • 1km from N3/Hammarsdale Interchange (via good quality road network)
  • 15 Km to Central Hillcrest – Upmarket residential suburb

Turn-Key Development options available directly from the developer

  • Cost-saving in terms of Professional fees.
  • Cost-saving in terms of building costs (economies of scale apply as the developer is currently constructing five more similar structures on surrounding platform sites).
  • Efficient time-management of construction.
  • Good supervision since the developer has a vested interest in the overall development success of the new precinct.