Keystone Park is located at the N3 Hammarsdale Interchange on the primary  Western Corridor Kwa-Zulu Natal. This area is fast emerging as the centre of gravity of most of South Africa’s national and regional distribution network and the location has become a destination of choice for corporate logistics companies.

The N3 National route connects the Durban Port – the largest and busiest shipping terminal in Sub-Saharan Africa (handling up to 31.4 million tons of cargo each year), to the rest of Southern Africa.

Various platform sites have N3 road frontage and therefore excellent N3 exposure. Keystone Park is a secure, managed precinct with well-designed road network, with wide double lane roads, wide turning circles and easy gradient, designed by international logistic experts. Sidewalks, streetlights and 24 hour surveillance of all roads and entrances.

Keystone Park strategic location
Keystone Park is located only a few kilometres away from the proposed “intermodal hub” (inland container terminal / dry port) in Cato Ridge South.